A Free Guide: How To Hire A DJ For Your Wedding or Party

The following are just some questions you will want to ask your DJ before hiring them. Keep in mind you will still want to talk to them in person about your particular event. A face to face meeting will always give you a much better idea if that particular DJ is the right fit for your wedding.

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1. How long has your company been in business?
- Your DJ company should have been in business for at least 5 years. Preferably 10 years or more.

2. Do you have a Tax ID number and is your business registered with your state?
- This will tell you if this business is legitimate or a weekend hobby.

3. Where is your office located?
- Be wary of the advertised $495 all inclusive wedding DJ package. Many of these companies are located all across the country and are just sub-contractors for the weekend hobby type DJ in your area. Their websites lead you to believe they are local to your area.

4. Do you carry liability insurance?
- All wedding vendors should carry liability insurance in the event that someone is injured. Why should you care? Let's say a piece of equipment gets knocked over and injures one of your guests, without liability insurance it may be difficult to receive compensation for damages or injury.

5. Do you have backup equipment and DJs in case of an emergency?
- Even the best electronic equipment in rare cases can fail. Your DJ should have replacement equipment with them on site in case of an emergency.

6. Can I meet the DJ before I book?
- Any reputable DJ company should be more than willing to set up a free no obligation appointment around your schedule to meet your DJ.

7. How do you keep up with new music?
-Professional DJs subscribe to and pay for CD music subscriptions. These subscriptions contain all the latest song releases from all genres. Non-professional DJs illegally download music which can potentially be a liability at your event.

8. Will you play my requests?
- A Good DJ will honor and play your requests and just as important honor your do not play list. You should go over your requests ahead of time with your DJ to decide when certain songs will fit in best.

9. What are some current Top 40 songs that you play at weddings now.
-An actively working DJ should be able to tell you off the top of his or her head what songs are currently packing the dance floors. This gives you a really good idea if they keep up with new music.

10. Do you attend any trade shows?
-All serious professionals attend annual trade shows. It gives you a fresh look at all the latest trends, songs and specialty dances.

11. Do you belong to any DJ or Wedding related associations?
- DJ associations are a great way to network with other professionals doing the same thing as you are. A good DJ will network with other working professionals in the same way doctors network with each other. Sharing ideas of what works and what doesn't work enables you to continually grow your skills and thus producing a better performance. In this business you don't want to be on an island alone. Some good associations are: The American Disc Jockey Association ADJA | The Connecticut Professional Disc Jockey Association CPDA | The National Association of Mobile Entertainers NAME

12. Do you have references of past clients?
- All good DJs will have references of past clients. Videos of past clients are the best way for you to see and hear feedback from satisfied customers. Note: Anyone can write up a great review and post it on their website.

13. Do you have a demonstration video?
- This is a great way to see your DJ in action. If a DJ tells you that you can come and see them at the wedding they are doing next month, that tells you that he or she may invite other people to see them at your wedding. This has been a hot topic in the DJ world over the years and In our opinion it's not very professional.

14. Does your website offer an online planning feature?
- This is a convenience for the client, not the DJ. Time and money spent on website features is designed to make the planning easier for you.

15. Do you accept credit cards?
- Again this is a convenience for the client. If the DJ company does not accept credit cards it is because of a lack of effort, or even worse a lack of being a legitimate registered business.