Frequently asked questions about our disc jockey services in connecticut.

Will you play our song requests?
We will absolutely play your requests and we will absolutely honor your do not play requests. Even if some of your selections are a bit obscure, we will work together and choose an appropriate time to play some of those not so popular but very meaningful tunes. Keep in mind a few things. We know it's your party and you want to hear music that you like. Understood, however, if you are inviting guests to your party and you want them to dance let us use our experience and knowledge to get them moving on the dance floor. For example let's say you totally dislike any type of country music or hip hop music or pop music, would you not want your guests who do like that type of music to enjoy themselves? Another example let's say that you totally dislike wine, red, white or blush. You would never have a sip of wine cross your lips if your life depended on it. Would you not offer wine at your party for your guests who do enjoy wine?

Do we have to provide a meal for the DJ?
A meal is never required but most certainly appreciated. Most events are about five hours long. Our DJ's arrive at your event approximately one to two hours prior to the actual start time. Depending on how much equipment needs to be setup. If you factor in the time it takes to travel from our office, time to setup, a five hour party, time to break down and time to drive home, your DJ is out and on the road for approximately 8-9 hours. A meal would be greatly appreciated.

How much space do you need? Would you fit in my home?
Depending on the party, the number of guests, the size of the venue, and any extra equipment it can vary. Basically the average space would be no more than a 6 foot table plus a few feet in either direction. That approximate size would be comfortable for all. We can however condense our footprint to accommodate just about any size space. Yes, we've done many private parties in homes indoors and outdoors.

Do you travel to (insert your local area here)?
Most likely yes. We travel throughout Connecticut and surrounding areas with no travel fees.

Can you do things lively and fun to keep my guests dancing and have a good time?
Absolutely! We pride ourselves in making every event lively and fun. Playing great music is just one thing we do. We're not just DJs we're entertainers. You choose the level of fun and we'll make it happen. Your DJ would not be the type of DJ that just stands behind his or her equipment and plays music. Interactive ice-breakers, creative easy games and follow along dances are what separate us from a lot of other DJs out there.

A lot of our family and friends are latino, italian, portuguese, indian, jewish (insert your ethnicity here) do you have, are you familiar with or can you play that type of music?
Absolutely! We cater to all ethnicities. We've done events for all major cultures and some uncommon cultures as well. Italian, Latino, Portuguese, Jewish, Polish and Albanian are some of the cultures we are very familiar with and have much of the traditional music associated with weddings and celebrations. If we're not familiar with your particular ethnic group we'll work with you to come up with an appropriate playlist. Excite DJ will purchase any music we need in order to fulfill that part of your music selection.

My party is going to be mostly (younger / older) people, can you play the music they like?
I love this question. Absolutely! Depending on your party we will assign (or you can choose) the most appropriate DJ. For example if you are having a sweet 16 party we would assign one of our younger DJs to mix the music that the kids like accompanied with a more experienced MC to oversee that everything flows smoothly. And vise versa if you are having a 50th High School reunion we will assign (or you can choose) a DJ who has more experience with that particular generation.

We're having a (school dance / religious event / youth event) and we don't want any offensive or explicit lyrics. Does your music contain any profane language?
All of our music is purchased through DJ only subscription services. The only edits we play are the "radio edits" in other words "clean edits." So no, we do not play music with vulgar, explicit or profane language. Whatever song versions that are played on popular radio stations in our area are the same versions we use for all of our events. With that said, there may be certain songs that have suggestive lyrics that aren't necessarily profane. It's very rarely a problem for most school dances but once in a while a popular song will hit the charts that may not be appropriate even if there is no profanity, in which case we will use our best judgement weather it's acceptable or not. If the staff, student body or faculty know of a certain song that shouldn't be played, by all means please make us aware and that song will not be played.

Is your company comfortable with gay or lesbian weddings?
Excite! Disc Jockey does not discriminate based on color, creed, religion or sexual orientation. We've entertained at numerous gay and lesbian celebrations. Those parties were probably some of our funnest and most memorable events!

Do we have to or should we tip our DJ? If so what's a standard amount?
A tip is never mandatory or implied. We are a personal service company like many other service industries. Hair stylists, house cleaners, wait staff, masseuses, personal trainers are some other service industries. You never have to tip your DJ. You certainly can tip your DJ if you feel they performed exceptionally well or he or she met and exceeded all your expectations. When our DJs do get tips the amount can ranging anywhere from 5% to 20%

The biggest tip you can give your DJ is word of mouth referral. Much of our new business is based on previous clients who were extremely happy to have chosen our services. A large portion of our new clients come from friend and family referrals, banquet facility referrals or people who happened to have seen us perform at a wedding or other function and picked up one of our business cards. We do very little advertising.

I don't need a light show or anything fancy schmancy, would it cost less without it?
All our packages are simple and complete however, If your particular event doesn't need something contained within we will work with you.

If I do book you and the date of the party changes will I be charged extra or will you even be able to accommodate the new date and time?
If your party date or time slot changes for whatever reason we will do our best to reschedule. However we do have obligations to other clients so your particular DJ might not be available. In which case we will assign the next most appropriate professional. With that said, our entire staff are nothing but professionals. Most of the time there would be no additional rebooking fees unless your party falls on a popular party date, such as Memorial Day weekend, Peak wedding weekends, Holidays, to name a few.

How much do you charge?
By far the first and most frequently asked question. Click here to see our How To Hire a DJ Guide and why this shouldn't be your first question no matter what your budget.
Our prices vary quite a bit depending on many factors. It's difficult to quote a price because no two parties are alike but in general a very broad range is as follows:
General private parties are anywhere from $300 - $1500 and up.
Weddings generally start at $795 for very basic coverage and can go up to $3000 - $4000 with the average being in the $1200 range.

For specific pricing information please visit this link or contact us directly.

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